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These rugs are woven in and around the town of YAHYALI, which is 50 km from Cappadocia. These rugs are known for their weave and durability. The materials used are wool with long fibers shorn from the back of the sheep.This wool is hand-spun by women of that region.

Yahyali rugs are very shiny, usually navy blue, burgundy, light blue, green, red and yellow in color.

The compositions are crested with stylized motifs.The most common motifs are the medallion and prayer design.A double horn pattern, which symbolizes fertility, is often used. The scenes in the border of the rug play an important part in identifying a Yahyali.

The sizes often found are: 90*130, 115*185, 75*300, 75*400 cm.

MATERIAL: Warp, weft, and pile are pure wool.



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