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This material is the most preferable because it is durable and easy to dye. In the production of wool yarn, wool from sheep is used. The best wool is obtained from the shoulder and back of the sheep. The sheep are generally shorn once a year in spring; this wool is called spring wool, and consists of long fibers. The long fibers are very important for the production of quality wool. The woolen thread for rugs is produced either by hand spinning or by machine in factories. The most preferable is the hand-spun method.

The traditional tools which are used for obtaining Kirman (hand-spun wool) are spindles and spinning wheels. Rugs produced from threads using this method are considered most typical of the region.    The wool which is shorn from the back of the sheep is dirty and has to be washed first, either in rivers or under running water from the tap. After wards the wool must be spread out and left to dry. Once the wool is dry, it will be teased and combed Then the longest fibers are selected and spun by hand. The strongest threads for rungs are obtained in this manner.    The wool threads are used to make the skeleton and pile of the rugs



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