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All About Turkish rugs

Turkey has been famous for its handwoven rugs since the 17th Century when Venetian traders introduced "turkeywork" carpets to wealthy Europeans. Many, many Turkish rugs in a variety of qualities come from Anatolia in western and south-western Turkey. Village rugs with medium weave and with wool pile (and often with wool warp and weft and some vegetable dyes) come from areas like Kozak, Bergama, Milas, Dosemealti, and Malatya. Fine wool rugs on cotton and even silk rugs are woven in Kayseri, and of course Hereke has a centuries-old reputation for producing some of the finest silk carpets ever made. Kars, in extreme north-eastern Turkey, is noted for rugs in designs very like the Kazaks and Shirvans woven just across the border in Armenia.
Unfortunately for rug buyers (but not for Turks!), Turkey has looked increasingly to Europe in the past twenty years, and as Turkey has Westernized, rug prices have risen dramatically. We do little business directly from Turkey these days, but continue to see some Turkish types in the markets.
For information about rugs from Turkey in Caucasian designs or others, use our chart

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   We can identify the rugs woven in different regions as town or village rugs. The rugs woven in the agricultural areas of Anatolia owe their origins to the settlers or nomadic cultures. In Europe, these rugs (which are woven with wool on wool ) are generally called "Anatolian Rug" In towns where people have settle permanently, the rugs are woven with a wool on cotton combination.

   Today in Turkey, there are regions which keep this wonderful tradition alive; such rugs are woven in Konya, Kayseri, Sivas, Hereke, Yagcyoglu, Kula, Dosemealti, Taspinar, Istarya, Milas, Bergama, Canakkale, Enize, Kars, Ushak, Ghordes, Fethiye and Yahyali.


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