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Sivas, which is a very ancient carpet-weaving center, is located in central eastern Anatolian. In 13th century Marco Polo visited Sivas and talked about the fine quality of the rugs. Ibni Batuta also gave great praise to the carpets of this region.

In the beginning, the rugs were woven with pure wool but at the beginning of the 20th century, they started to weave rugs with a combination of wool on cotton in the style of "Palace Rugs"

Production first started at the School of Industry in the 1900's. As time passed, the quality improved and a great number of high quality carpets was produced.

Today in Sivas the production continues with the support of the government. The local state prison is also very active in producing similar quality rugs made by the inmates. These 'prison rugs' are very popular in the country.

The materials used are wool and cotton. The composition of the rugs, which are made in several colors, exhibit naturalistically stylized floral designs, animals, leaves, and branch motifs arranged around a central medallion.
Both medium (2-3 m2) and large (6-8-9 m2) sizes are available.

MATERIALS: Warp and weft are cotton,and the pile is wool



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