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Silk worms were brought to Anatolia in the year 552 AD. At the time of the Byzantine Empire, two priests dressed as missionaries were sent to China. For two years they learned how to obtain silk fiber from cocoons and how to weave silk garments. They returned to their homeland with silkworm eggs hidden in their walking sticks. The breeding of silk worms began in the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century and has continued for the last 1400 years.
The most important silk-producing areas are in and around the city of Bursa. Densely knotted valuable silk rugs of good quality are woven in Hereke and Kayseri with this shiny, fine Bursa silk. The warp, weft and pile of these rugs are 100% pure silk.

   Silk threads are the strongest material for weaving rugs. Contrary to popular belief, silk is not very fragile at all; it is just the opposite. That's why we are able to use silk carpets on the floor year after year without damaging them. This is also why you can find silk rugs that are also woven in very large sizes as 7'*10' or 9'*12' (6,8,10,15 square meters and so on)

Is Your Silk Oriental Rug Made of Real Silk?



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