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Floral Persian Design Rugs from Pakistan....

In recent years, moderate quantities of rugs of very fine quality in Persian design have come from Pakistan. These are often very nice wool rugs.

SIZE: small scatters through large carpets; relatively few runners are available.

STRUCTURE: cotton warp and weft in only a few qualities. Most production is in "16/16" weave (256 knots per sq. in.). "16/18" is often claimed, and sometimes actually woven. Some lesser quality weaves are available (12/12, 14/14), but these are usually more expensive than the 150 knot rugs from India, and so not as good a value. Pile is wool, and almost always closely clipped.

COLOR & DESIGN: in the past these "city" rugs most often came in the classic floral motifs of Kashan, Tabriz, and Isfahan, but in the last few years there has been a marked trend toward Aubusson and rococo European designs.
Colors are extremely varied, from traditional reds and blues and rich earth tones trough mauve, teal, emerald, peach, and grey.

Fine Persian design rugs from Pakistan like these are always in stock in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and qualities.

Vegetable-Dyed Village Rugs from Pakistan....

In the last decade there have begun to appear some very interesting village rugs from Pakistan made with vegetable dyes and handspun wool. Most of these rugs are woven by Afghans in the area between Peshawar and Islamabad.

SIZE: scatters through medium-size carpets; some runners.

STRUCTURE: cotton warp and weft is most common, but some pieces are woven on wool warp with cotton weft, and some are on all-wool foundation. Most production is in "9/9" weave (81 knots per sq. in), but there is considerable experimentation. At their best, these pieces use excellent handspun Afghan wool. In addition to piled rugs, there is significant production of flat-woven tapestry-technique kilims and soumaks.

COLOR & DESIGN: typical village Persian designs like Herez and Mahal are most often used. Most pieces are geometric in design, but a few are more curvilinear and floral in effect. Because madder and indigo dyes are used, colors usually include rusty red, navy and medium blue, and yellow-green.


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