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Of all the silk rugs which are produced in Hereke, "Ozipek Rugs" have a very distinct place. These are woven meticulously to produce an extremely high density of knot. The number of colors used in these rugs exceeds the average; a minimum of 12 different colored threads, and a maximum of 35 are used. Apart from traditional designs very original and authentic motifs can be found in this rich collection of world-famous rugs. In recent times some compositions have attributed a reputation of aesthetic beauty to these rugs.

"Ozipek Rugs" are woven with the finest quality of silk threads in the world. Recent advancements in technology have enabled Bursa to produce the thinnest and strongest silk threads available. Formerly, the maximum obtainable density was 100 (10*10) double knots per sq. cm. Nowadays the density has increased immensely and last year (1996), in one of the Ozipek workshops, a silk  rug which has 676 (26*26) double knots per sq. cm. (4225 double knots per sq. inch) was woven, making this rug the world's finest, breaking the world record. The world record was broken by Ozipek once before, in 1988, and this is registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

We are very proud to state that QUALITY ORIENTAL RUGS  is the only establishment in in usa where Ozipek silk rugs can be found.


MATERIAL: Weft, warp and pile are 100% silk





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