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These rugs are woven in the southwestern part of Turkey, between the towns of Bodrum, Milas and the Bay of Gokova.In rug literature they are referred to as "Milas" (antique Mylassa). The oldest existing example date back to the 17 th century. The most valuable rugs are the ones that are known as" Bozalan Milas".

The best quality Milas rugs are woven from soft but long, shiny fibers. Genelly pastel colors are used The wide use of brown is very uncommon among other of Turkish rugs.Various shades of yellow and greens, brick and chestnut colors are often seen.The traditional patterns are prayer niches, backgrounds divided by narrow lades and some medallions.The tulip and carnation motif founds in the zigzags of the narrow country lanes are the trademarks of the Milas rugs. The bases of the are rugs are filled with flowers which filled with flowers which are thought to symbolize those found in Paradise. The rugs are avaible in the followiwing sizes: 90*130,120*180,150*225,200*300,75*280,250*350 centimeters.

MATERIAL: Warp, weft, and pile are all wool




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