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This has been a very famous carpet-weaving center since the 16 th century, and it is located in western Anatolia. The oldest examples from this region date back to the Classical Ottoman period of the 15 th and 16 th century and are mostly made in " seccade" size (2-3 square meters) These can be found in famous museums and in private collections through out the world After the second world war they started to produce the classical style in order to revive the tradition of Kula carpet weaving, as there was a big demand for these carpets in Europe. For several years these were known as "Izmir Carpets" as they were shipped- along with other carpets other from western Anatolia - from the port of Izmir.

The contemporary Kula carpers, which are woven in several colors are made from 100% wool. The Kula carpets are from a group of characteristic western Anatolia carpets and they can they can be found in all sizes.

MATERIAL: Warp, weft, and pile are pure wool.



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