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Kazak rugs are often named according to their distinctive designs. These are some of the most common motifs
Kazak occupies an honorable place in the economic and cultural life of the republic due the famous horses of the Dilboz stock and the flocks of sheep, the saz and poetry, the ashug (popular bards) and the carpets. Every inch of the land is the history alive, and those who live on the land of Kazak now, the heirs of this history, preserve and further promote the creative work of people, thorough whose efforts Kazakh has acquired its frame.
Kozak carpets are woven by semi-nomadic shepherds who live in the highland regions of the Caucasus Mountains and their environment is reflected in their products. The distinctive designs in Kazak Carpets can be easily recognized. The warp and weft threads are wool with the weft threads always in red or brown colors. The wool pile in these carpets is fairly deep and the yarn used is always of excellent quality. The Kozak carpet has approximately 50 to 100 Turkish knots per square inch. The motifs used in these carpets are, formal, geometric, central medallion, repeated pattern and "Eagle." True Kozak carpets are mostly antique pieces and were produced in the Caucasus Mountains. Currently a limited number of Kozak carpets are produced and are much prized by dealers.

MATERIAL: Warp, weft, and pile are pure wool.



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