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The history of weaving silk rugs in Anatolia dates back to the Ottoman period. Even though silk material was made first in that period, silk rugs can be traced back three to four hundred years. The first examples were woven in Bursa and later on in Hereke. Nowadays silk rugs are also woven widely in Kayseri. The fine Kayseri rugs are all made of pure silk and they much in demand in Europe and Japan. Only the Bursa silk is used to weave these valuable rugs.

A wide range of colors is used with get proficiency. Pastel colors are used, as well as more vivid ones.

Designs seen in the old "Palace Rugs" are often repeated in some of these rugs. A wide range of designs and motif can be found in these rugs. The portrayal of arabesque, flowers, trees, vases, animals, multiple prayer niches, and medallions, which were originally used by the Selcuks and Ottomans, is continued, in Kayseri silk rugs today. A very wide range of sizes are available.

MATERIAL: Weft, warp and pile are 100% silk



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