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Kayseri is a middle Anatolian city whose history dates back to ancient times.The city was founded at the crossroads of the main caravan paths and the historical King's Road.The regions is the country's largest rug producing center. All the rugs which are produced in the surrounding villages and towers are also referred to as Kayseri rugs.A variety of rugs in outstanding numbers is made on hand looms. Looms are spread throughout the region.

Today different kinds of materials such as wool,cotton, silk and viscose (floss) are used in the making of these rugs. This makes it very easy to find a variety of rugs with variable qualities and prices.

The motif on Kayseri rugs display a mixture of styles.Due to great improvements in production techniques, a wide range of colors and patterns can be used . Along with the floral designs,some geometrical patterns can also be found. It can be said that almost all the motifs of the art of Turkish rug making are applied in these Kayseri rugs.

Both medium (2-3 m2) and large (6-8-9 m2) sizes are available

Rugs of varying colors, models, sizes can be found.

MATERIAL: Weft and warp are cotton and the pile be found.




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