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The city of Isparta is located in southwest Turkey in an area also referred to as the" Region of Lakes ". Isparta is also one of the world's main producers of rose oil.One can trace the history of rug-making in Isparta as for back as the 1770's. Today Isparta is considered one of the major rug-producing centers of the country.Threads used for weft and warp are also manufactured in this city. The head office of one of the country's top quality head manufactures , the state-owned Sumerbank, is located in Isparta.

The warp and weft on Isparta rugs are made of cotton, but the pile, which is made of wool, is long and has a low density of knots per square centimeter. The design and the colors very widely and the dominant motifs are mixed Mostly large sizes are available.

MATERIAL: Warp and weft are cotton, and the piles is wool.



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