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The beauty of Gabbeh Oriental carpets is their departure from the classic Persian style, to one of more freedom and natural expression. Through the deliberate distortions of line and color, and the simplified use of pattern, the weaver increases the emotional impact of their art.

Gabbeh refers to a traditional style of weaving from Southwestern Iran. The nomadic people of the Lori, Bakhtiari, and the Qashqai tribes have woven Gabbeh Oriental rugs for a hundred years, and continue to keep this tribal art form alive. The Gabbeh carpets we sell are considered by many to be the best quality modern Oriental rugs woven since the turn of the century.

Not all Gabbeh Oriental carpets are created equal. In the past few years Gabbeh carpets have become popular especially in Europe and the United States. We now see less expensive copies being woven in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Many people think they are buying a Gabbeh when in fact they are buying a Gabbeh inspired carpet. These carpets have a commercial quality, they lack the proper wool, dyes, and artistic expression.

The finest quality Gabbehs continue to be woven in Southern Iran. Our entire collection is individually selected for color, scale and artistic merit. Each carpet is woven with hand-spun Persian wool and dyed with traditional vegetable dyes. The beautiful colors found in our Gabbehs originate from sources including pomegranite skin, madder root, indigo, straw, walnut husks, and cochineal.

Each Gabbeh carpet is woven in a private home, so that a family will have a loom set up in their yard with a small shelter protecting them from the sun. The weaver is given a simple sketch of a design and then encouraged to be creative and spontaneous. Lines are never straight, pattern is asymmetric and signatures are common.

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