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Dosemealti is the name of the region 35 kilometers north of Antalya which consists of twenty-three villages located in the Taurus Mountains. This is the region where the Karakoyunlu and Sarikecili nomadic tribes live. All the rugs in this area are woven with 100% pure wool. The rugs which are made out of hand-spun wool are the most valuable. This region is one of the exceptional places in the country where men spin wool along with woven. The colors are used widely are dark blue, blue, light and dark red and white.

Different compositions in the rugs consist of various stylized motifs.The main characteristic trademark of this type of rug is the geometrical manner of the pattern. "Haleli" (CRESCENT); "Dalli"  (TREE OF LIFE); "Akrepli" (SCORPION) ; "Toplu" (CROSS); and " Kocasulu " are the names of the most popular designs. The "Tree of Life" symbolizes long life and re-birth Stylized pictures of camels can also be found on the inner borders of these rugs. Sizes include 60*90, 90*130, 120*190, 150*225, 200*300, 80*150, 75*280 centimeters.

MATERIAL: Warp, weft, and pile are all wool.



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