decorative rug
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The rugs, which are woven in the Aegean area, can be differentiated from others same region because of their design and especially their colors. They represent the best combination of traditional and contemporary taste.
The colors used are rich and dynamic, and both color harmonies and strong color contrast seperate these rugs from other types.

These rugs are almost square, and have stylized motifs and geometrical design which are woven with 100% quality wool. Strong and durable wool threads obtained from long fibers are used to weave these rugs.

The designs are similar to th other Anatolian rugs but the compositions are formed with a new style of representation. In the background of the, we can see different shades of the same color. Bornova rugs come in a wide range of colors and in various sizes.

MATERIALS: Warp and pile, all wool



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