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At Quality Oriental Rug LLC. Service Oriental rugs are not just a matter of business. Because of our long-standing personal and professional experience we know that these messengers from a glorious ancient history influence our daily life more than any other merchandise that surrounds us. In the Middle East you will find at least one hand-woven Oriental rug in virtually every household, no matter how poor the homeowner. This is part of a centuries old cultural tradition. A tradition that outlasts centuries must have a rationale. What could be the secret behind this?   

In North America and Europe Oriental rugs, though well known and available for many years, are not taken for granted like cars or refrigerators. Although the number of rugs sold is increasing every year, most people are still not aware of the miracle that an Oriental rug can bring to their lives.


Buying a genuine hand-woven rug is a totally different experience than purchasing any other item in your household. It is an aesthetically, almost spiritual act that can be compared only to acquiring a piece of art such as a painting or a sculpture. We see rugs not as an inanimate furnishing but as a wise and silent friend who will follow and support you for the rest of your life.

People do change and replace cars, furniture, clothes, appliances, even houses but never a rug. Representing the rich cultural heritage of the East, Oriental rugs are immune to the games of time and fashion. Created by the imagination of an ancient civilization and the patience and painstaking work of its weavers these marvels of art outlast centuries and generations.

By purchasing a genuine rug you obtain a new family member. Its humble dominance will soon become the soul of your household. In time you will develop a very personal, almost physical relationship to this rug. Unlike a painting it touches not only your visual imagination but your tactile senses. You can feel, caress and embrace a rug. You can walk on it; you can sleep on it. After experiencing the healing power of such closeness and the peace of mind that a beautiful rug can bring to your home you will not want to be without it. Now, perhaps, you will begin to understand the miracle and rationale of this centuries old Oriental tradition.

Finally let's not forget the financial side. Unlike most things that we buy, hand-woven quality rugs do not loose their value. On the contrary, after years when the worth of other goods like cars, furniture, clothes etc. is reduced to a fraction of their previous price, a rug is just in the beginning of its life cycle. Not only will it keep its timeless beauty and usefulness but it will even appreciate in value.


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Despite the fact that our company has a long tradition in the Oriental rug business, we have to meet, like any other company, the challenges and opportunities of the Internet. Although part of the growing worldwide e-commerce the Oriental rug online business has some specific characteristics that we would like to discuss with you.

Let's begin with the risks and disadvantages. Buying rugs on the Internet is a risk! Unlike traditional shopping you can't feel the rug, see its quality and are dependent on your monitor for its colors. This might give you an insecure feeling and doubts about what you are going to get by ordering a rug via the Internet.

Fortunately these risks are limited.

  • First of all, let's compare the new online shopping experience with buying through mail-order catalogs. Decades ago when catalogue shopping emerged, many people had natural doubts. Unlike traditional buying they could not touch and feel the merchandise. The buyer had to rely on the information from a photo in a catalog. In time people did overcome their hesitation and became accustomed to this innovation. Today billions of dollars in goods and services are ordered through mail-order catalogs. The same development is going to occur with the Internet. This will concern not only low price items but also more expensive merchandise like furniture, cars and rugs.
  • The only way to bring online shopping as close as possible to traditional shopping is to present our customers with a high quality translation of the rug. If you compare different online rug stores you will find that many of them don't follow this rule.


The following example that we have found in another online store  demonstrates  

For our clients who are hesitant about purchasing rugs or who prefer to admire a collection with their own eyes we provide our FREE HOME SERVICE. This will allow you to see how the rug will work with your interior and if it will blend. For more information click here

Quality Oriental Rug LLC. believes this is the best way to select a carpet that is right for your home or office.


Now let's talk about the benefits of our free home service.


  • Last but not least, we should mention the convenience. The rug will be delivered directly to your home with our free home service without any additional cost


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If you have decided to buy an Oriental rug the following hints will be very useful.

Rug categories
First of all, be aware of what kind of rug you are buying. Depending on the weaving technique they belong to different rug categories. Not all of them are authentic Oriental rugs although they may have the same design or pattern. We do not want to discriminate any rug category and are sure that each of them has its own charm and justification. We at Quality Oriental Rugs, LLC. offer only genuine Hand-made knotted rugs from almost all categories. Please use the following simple classification for an overall understanding of what kind of rug you are dealing wit

Rug Category


Hand-made knotted Only rugs from this category can be called authentic Oriental rugs. The mentioned characteristics like durability and appreciation in value can be applied only to this rug category.
Hand-made hooked Hooked rugs are an affordable alternative to authentic knotted rugs. Their price is up to 10 times lower  than a Oriental rug of the same size. The main reason is that hooking is a very fast technique. To hook a rug one needs about a tenth of the time that a knotted rug of the same size would require. Hooked rugs are available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.
Hand-made tufted Tufting is another fast technique. Therefore tufted rugs are within the same price category as hooked rugs.    Tufted rugs are available in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.  

Machine made rugs

Machine made rugs are obviously the least expensive rugs. On the other hand even in this rug category you can find huge differences regarding price and quality.   

Many online stores, as well as mail-order catalogs and print media rug advertisements do not explicitly name the kind of rug they are offering. This practice can be misleading to an inexperienced customer. He is wondering why a rug with the same size and design costs $300 in one store and $3000 in another. The images that he is viewing on the screen or catalog do not indicate any difference. 

Using the analogy to cars you can say that one will never feel the quality of a luxury car just from looking at pictures. Only a test drive can answer the questions about the price

difference. The same rule can be applied to rugs.

If you have decided not to purchase an authentic Oriental rug, but a hooked rug for $300 there is nothing wrong with that. But be aware that you get a $300 value not a $3000 value.

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How to determine the quality and value of an authentic Oriental rug     

If you have decided to buy a knotted Oriental rug you should know that even within this rug category there are enormous quality differences. A high quality rug can be ten times more valuable than a low-quality rug of the same size. The following table will give you a general view about parameters that determine the value of an authentic Oriental rug. Please note that the value of a rug is determined by a combination of all parameters, not just by one of them.

Density This parameter indicates how finely a rug is woven.  The density is measured in knots per square inch ( or knots per square decimeter or square meter in Europe) . The higher the density the finer the rug and respectively higher its value.

The following grading is recommended to describe the density of a rug:

Knots per sq.inch Category
   up to 30 very coarse
  30 to   60 coarse
  60 to 120 medium fine
120 to 160 fine
160 to 290 very fine
over 2000 exceptionally fine rugs

It is obvious that creating a very fine rug requires a much higher amount of time than a coarse rug. That results in a higher price. .

Generally speaking it can be said that the rug density is the main factor that determines its quality and price.

Size Within the same category the price of a rug is proportional to its size.

In addition you should consider the following fact: if you compare a particular design on a small rug with a large one the latter looks much better regarding the quality. Despite the fact that both rugs have the same density the weaver is able to use  more knots in the large rug to create a particular pattern (flower, line, shape). Thus the resolution in the large size rug is higher therefore it looks much better. It is similar to the number of pixels on your monitor- the higher the resolution the better the image quality.  We have tried to visualize this in the following our picture galleries

Materials Sheep's wool, cotton and silk are the most common materials used in Oriental rugs.  Wool is the most prevalent. Cotton is often used to form the warp and weft, the foundation of Oriental Rugs. Silk is used in the most finely woven rugs.  Frequently it is combined  with wool. The most valuable and fine rugs are made from pure silk. And, occasionally, even gold threads are added to enhance the beauty and value of the rug !

Synthetic fiber like olefin or polypropylene are never used in authentic Oriental rugs. You will usually find them in machine made rugs.

Country of origin The country of origin does, in part, also determine the price. For example, the high quality of many Persian or turkish rugs makes them more expensive, but also more valuable. Often there is a significant difference in the price of two rugs of the same quality, simply because they are made in different countries. It is just like the difference between a brand name and a no-name product.
Age Rugs older than 50 years are called antique rugs. Depending on the quality and rareness antique rugs can be very expensive. A true assessment of its value needs the consultation of a rug expert.
Design Rugs are made in a variety of designs, often using traditional Persian patterns. But the pattern alone doesn't indicate the quality of a rug. One can find the same design used in a $50 machine made rug or a $10,000 high quality rug. But a rare or unique pattern can add to the value of an Oriental rug.


OUR FINAL ADVICE             Back to top

We hope that after reading the information above you are ready to begin to share with us our passion for Oriental rugs.

There are so many places where you can view and buy  these marvelous pieces of art. Rug shops, department stores, mail-order catalogs  and Internet online stores will compete to attract your attention. All of them have their own charm, benefits and legitimacy

Our final advice to you is: don't rush; choose the way that's more suitable to your personal preferences. The only thing that matters is that you have opened your mind  to the enchanting world of Oriental rugs and all of the wonderful possibilities to enhance your life with their beauty.

We at Quality Oriental Rug LLC. are pleased to serve you.




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